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Al-Ain City, 8 Hours

Al-Ain City, 8 Hours

Al-Ain City, 8 Hours - $300

Upto 5 people; 6 hours if tour starts from Al-Ain (AED1100)

Duration : 8 Hours (Day Time, starts at 09.00AM or your suitable time)
Popular week end destination to greenery spread city, The Garden City, of UAE

Al-Ain City, is a late entrant in introducing tourist attractions is comparatively less humid than other cities and welcomes the guests with its dry desert air. The popular week end destination offers a range of tourist attractions such as museums, restored old forts, archaeological park storing Bronze Age artifacts, Jabel Hafeet a mountain with mineral and hot springs, and a zoo and more. The Wadi adventure close to Jebel Hafeet Mountain provides a number of water activities such as rafting, kayaking and surfing.




Al-Ain located in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi is the second biggest city in the Emirate.  The greenery spread throughout this fourth largest city in the United Arab Emirates got the nickname- garden city.. The city shares its land border with Oman. The city’s varying topography covers around 131000 sq km of area. The city shares its land border with Oman. The city’s varying topography covers around 131000 sq km of area. The city that is situated around 120 km away from Dubai features a number of date trees and vegetable farms. The largest camel market of UAE is located in this city, where the tourists can see camels of various sizes. In contrast to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, where the visitors encounter very tall structures of different kinds, the buildings in Al-Ain are limited to four floors to preserve its garden city name.

Our Tour Arrangement: will arrange to pick you at your doorstep wherever you stay at the appointed time. Al-Ain City Tour arranged by us offers premium services. We make your travel comfortable by providing you with a latest air-conditioned car. We make your travel comfortable using a latest air conditioned car. A professional guide with a thorough knowledge about the Al-Ain will accompany you. Multi-lingual guides with a knowledge of English, European and Asian languages(available on request) will make your tour more enjoyable. You will get to know about the interesting facts about the city. The guide will remain accommodative to your comfort level. The ever smiling and even-tempered guides will keep you engaged with humor while offering you the best of our services.

Places covered in 8 hours Al-Ain City Tour: 
In the Al-Ain Day Tours and Al-Ain City Tours, we will cover the following choice of places
1. Al-Jahili Fort: The beautiful Al-Jahili fort constructed in 1891 is the oldest building in the city. The fort with skillfully created landscaped gardens was once the residence of the local governor. The carefully restored and well-kept fort gives the tourists a peep into the city’s past.

2. Al-Ain Oasis: The oasis full of palm trees and cool shady walking paths will give you a different experience with chirping of birds in total silence. The oasis spread over 3000 acres hosts around 147000 palm trees of nearly 100 varieties.

3. Al-Ain Palace Museum: This is the palace where HH Sheikh Zayed resided before 1966 and now it is converted into a museum. The refurbished administration facilities of the King and the rooms where the ruler’s family lived give the visitors a peak into the living during olden times.

4. Al-Ain National Museum: The museum located close to the Al-Ain Oasis houses some of the heritage history of the city.  Placed within the compound of the Sultan Bin Zayed Fort, the museum showcases interesting aspects of UAE life during the earlier days in three un-identical sections namely gifts, ethnography and archaeology.

5. Jebal Hafeet Mountain: The mountain which stands over 1240 feet on the Oman borders is the second tallest peak in the UAE and first in Abu Dhabi emirate. A good number of old remnants such as ancient burial tombs said to be over 5000 years old were found in the mountains. The good and well laid roads allow cycling to the top. The breath taking view from the top fascinates the tourists.

6. Green Mubazarah (Hotspring pool): The greenery located at the low end of the Jebal Hafeet Mountains is a perfect spot for family outings and picnics. The hot springs, lake and slope roofed houses that are available for rent makes this place a fine tourist spot.

7. Camel Market: The camel market located east of Jebel Hafeet provides the tourists closer of view camels of various breeds. Always take permission before taking photos of the camels. You may also get a chance to sheep and goats of the desert region.

8. Al-Ain Local Market: The city of Al-Ain has a number of local markets also known as souks where you can try your bargaining skills. Enjoy the business atmosphere prevailing in the fish souk, fruit souk, vegetable souk, carpet souk or the old Al Ain souk.

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