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Dubai Dolphinarium.

Dubai Dolphinarium.

Dubai Dolphinarium.

Location : Bur Dubai, U.A.E., Dubai

An indoor facility entertainment shows with seals, dolphins and other marine animals to educate the children and adult

Dubai Dolphinarium the most modern marine show facility is designed to accommodate around 1250 visitors and is built to cover an area of around 5,000 square meters.  For the comfort of the visitors the arena pool area is kept fully air-conditioned and dehumidified.  The Dolphinarium also offers a VIP section providing the best view of the show.

An exclusive 600,000 litre sea water facility allows the Dolphins to live in an ideal environment. The facility is connected to the main pool where the shows are organized.  For the upkeep of the sea animals in a healthy condition the dolphinarium has an isolated medical pool to manage the sick animals. The Seals are kept in a separate pool.

In the Dolphinarium five black sea bottlenose dolphins and four Northern fur seals are maintained.

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Dolphin & Seal Show
The one and only ‘Live Dolphin and Seal Show’ conducted in the region lasts for around 45 minutes. During the show four bottlenose dolphins will thrill the audience with amazing display of their instinctive acts. The dolphins considered as the most intelligent among the sea living animals will intelligently interact with the trainers and the audience and thrill the spectators. The four seals will dance, run in their own way, paint, jump, sing and play basketball.

Swim with the Dolphins
The visitors to the Dubai Dolphinarium will get an opportunity to swim and interact with dolphins. The swimming sessions that lasts for nearly 20 minutes in the habitat pool that is around 4.5 meters deep and the wading ledge around 90 cm dep. The visitors will be allowed to swim along with the dolphins that enjoy the interaction and the lucky ones will get a ride on them. The trainers at the pool will give a cursory training to understand and interact with the intelligent animals.
During the swimming session the visitors will be allowed swim along with the dolphins holding their dorsal fin, touch their skin, hug them and even get a typical dolphin kiss. The photographer deployed at the facility will photograph the event and give a chosen complimentary copy. Often it is found that the interactions with the dolphins remove the stress of an individual and offer enjoyable memories.

During all the swimming our professional photographer will be around to click your photos with the dolphins. After the session you can choose one complimentary photo to take home as a wonderful memory of your experience.

Lights & Laser Show
The Dolphinarium also presents a light and laser show during the Dolphin and Seal show. The lasers played in synchronization of the music will enhance the visitor’s enjoyment.

Dolphin Show timings
The Dolphinarium conducts two shows at 11.00 AM and 06.00 PM from Monday to Saturday and there will be no shows on Sunday

Swimming with Dolphin timings
You can swim with the Dolphins from Monday to Thursday from 1.00 PM to 4.00 PM. There will be no shows on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 


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