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Fujairah Tour, 8 Hours

Fujairah Tour, 8 Hours

Fujairah Tour, 8 Hours - $300

Upto 5 people; (AED 1100)

Duration : 8 Hours (Day Time, starts at 09.00AM or your suitable time)
8 hour tour to ancient, mountains & land terrains covered city gives everlasting memory

Fujairah City, among the seven emirates Fujairah do not face the Arabian Gulf and faces the Gulf of Oman. It is the last country to join the UAE federation. The fifth largest among the UAE emirates the country occupies nearly 116 sq KM.  Unlike other emirates of UAE most of the parts of the places in Fujairah are covered mountains and land terrains. The country gets enough rain water from the Hajar Mountains for irrigation to grow crops.

The heritage village, Fujairah fort, museum, Al Hayl Castle of the ruling family and Bithna Fort are some of the destinations that take you to the old but worthy history of this country.  For the tourists Bull butting is another major attraction in Fujairah. 




The country offers most beautiful natural scenery, good seashore, and warm climate to the tourists. It is well linked to all the other major cities in the UAE emirate using well-constructed highways for the easy reach of the tourists. Some of the tourists’ attractions in the country include Al Bidyah Mosque, Wadi Wurayah, and Jungle Bungle amusement theme park, Al Hayl Castle, Madhab Sulpheric Spring Park, and Fujairah Museum. Book Fujairah City Tour to enjoy the beauty of nature. The Fujairah City Centre opened in 2012 with 105 shops offers national and international brands for the shoppers. The country offers both budgeted hotels as wells high-end hotels for the tourists.
The Fujairah port is visited by the container ships and a number livestock shipping companies have set up their facilities to transport cattle from the port. The country endowed with clean, calm beaches and water sports activities such as deep sea fishing, swimming, yachting, water surfing draw tourists from across the globe. The country hosts the best snorkeling and scuba diving facilities when compared to other UAE countries. Fujairah Day Tours offer a relaxing and fun-filled day out with your family and friends.

Our Tour Arrangement: will arrange to pick you at your doorstep wherever you stay at the appointed time. We make your travel comfortable using a latest air-conditioned car. A professional guide with a thorough knowledge about Fujairah will accompany you. The English or the other European or Asian language-speaking guides (available on request) will make your tour filled with interesting facts about the city and remain accommodative to your comfort level. The ever smiling and even-tempered guides will keep you engaged with humor while offering you the best of our services.

Places covered in 8 hours Fujairah City Tour: 
City Tours In Fujairah gives us an amazing overview of the life there. In the tour, we will cover the following choice of places
1. Mountains Drive: The Eastern coastal region of the UAE has the Hajar mountain range and a number of river bed valleys. The drive through the mountains and valleys offers the tourists the feel of a country drive. The scenic mountain range offers a treat to the tourists.

2. Fujairah Market: The market also known as Friday market or Masafi market is located on the Fujairah Dubai road close to a small town called Masafi. The market sells souvenirs, antiques, pottery, hand crafted rugs or carpets from Iran and Pakistan, Chinese pottery and assorted type of vegetables and fruits.  The market is the best place for bargaining.

3. Fujairah Museum: The Fujairah Museum located opposite to the Palace of the King displays a range of artifacts unearthed from Bithnah and Qidfa locations. Some of the displayed items include Bronze Age items estimated to be 4500 years old. The museum also houses Iron Age weapons, pre-Islamic era silver coins, carved soapstone vessels, painted pottery and more.

4. Fujairah Fort: The oldest port in UAE was constructed in 1670. It was attacked and damaged by the British during the early part of 20th century. The mud brick constructed port comprises three major sections, a square tower and two round towers and a number of halls. The fort placed close to date gardens is still surrounded by leftovers of old mud constructions.

5. Al Bidyah Mosque: The mosque said to be constructed in 1446 is the oldest mosque in the UAE. The mosque displays some of the best construction engineering features of that time. The mosque is also known as Ottoman Mosque named after the legendry king. The mosque contains a prayer hall, a mihrab, platform, arches and openings. A central pillar supports the four domes of the mosque.

6. Khor Fakkan Beach: The picturesque beach on the Kohr Fakkan bay actually belongs to the sheikdom of Sharjah. It is geographically surrounded by Fujairah. The adjoining natural port is one among the major container terminals. The sandy beach is a popular tourist attraction. 

Why Us: is known as the best among the tourist operators in Fujairah and other Emirates of UAE. We offer a choice of custom designed as well as fixed type of tour packages with different price tags to match your requirement. with extensive knowledge on the tourism places in the ever-changing landscapes of UAE will make tours exciting and enjoyable.

With robust on-the-ground links, truly exceptional and professional multilingual guides and experienced drivers will make every minute of your UAE tour unforgettable. The young online travel company managed by highly experienced and authorized tour professionals will make your UAE tour experience a memorable one.


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