Khalifa Park – The landmark tourist destination of Abu Dhabi

Khalifa Park is the landmark tourist destination of Abu Dhabi. It spreads on the East Ring Road and covers an area of 5, 00, 000 sq.metres. The park has almost all new flowers of the Middle-East in its garden. You can spend some time on this floral space to delight yourself with the scenic beauty.


Entrance of Khalifa Park in Abu Dhabi


The leafy and grassy recreation woodland, the football playground, the fountain as pretty as a picture, and beautiful lake attracts many tourists in search of relaxation. The Murjan Splash Park at this park is one significant element of entertainment for the kids.

Khalifa Park – Greatest Attractions of Abu Dhabi

Ever since its foundation in the year 2007, Khalifa Park is the most excellent attraction point for city escapists. The stress of bustling city-life comes to the end of relaxation in the lap of nature at Khalifa Park. In other words, the fun-filled environment in the middle of the city gives an opportunity to relax and rejuvenate. The Cultural Library of Khalifa Park offers you greatest learning resources about the Arabic culture. It has stores of books concerning the Arabic living, history, and evolution. Besides, the Maritime Museum is another great attraction for sea and ocean wildlife lovers. The Maritime Museum is the one place that has complete entertainment and mental peacefulness for people of all age group.

The Beautiful Welcoming Fountain

The moment you enter the Khalifa Park you can see a beautiful fountain. It is a fantastic experience to stand in front of the fountain and grasp its elegant beauty for a while. Eventually, one gets wholly involved in the appealing vision of the water feature and feels lost in it.

A fascinating thing about Khalifa Park is that it is not crowdie at all. You can have a peaceful time by visiting this Arabic tourist destination. Also, you can enjoy the walk beside the fountain as you enter more into the park. The open auditorium spreads over a considerable space and astonishes its visitors. The area behind the hall covered with greenery. There is a mini-tunnel through which the toy-trains pass. The toy-trains are one great attraction for the visitors. The shrubs are manicured to give various shapes to decorate the garden.

About Khalifa Park, Abu Dhabi

The Khalifa Park has much excitement to offer you. You can spend an entire day in this place with your family and especially kids. The park library will keep you engaged in learning new things about this precious land. There are arrangements for unlimited holiday and freedom. The train ride will give you a sweet relief and save you from the hot sun during traveling inside the park. The aquarium is the best thing to do with kids in Abu Dhabi.

The local Arabic artists present various shows to cheer the live audiences. They perform fire shows along with living music to mesmerize you completely. The artists dress themselves up in LED-wears that look gorgeous during the evening.

Enjoyment at the Khalifa Park

You can enjoy skating with the skaters performing for the audiences. They show fantastic skating skills and help you to play safely.

Aerial Gymnastics performed by Arabic girls will captivate you with their art. The bands playing with them narrate ancient Arabic stories to the people in colorful attires.

Kids can thoroughly enjoy themselves at the Khalifa Park. They get to play with all other kids at various recreations for them. Furthermore, they can try the bows and arrows to test their archery skills. The open ropeways are hilarious fun as well. Wall climbing is another great attraction for kids. They do it under the guidance of trained instructors.

Amusement for Kids

Evenings are full of pomp and show when the live shows perform for the kids by the kids. Everyone takes part in the show in all honesty. Kids enjoy the moment like never before. You can see kids playing on songs, reciting poems and presenting their skills on the stage. The coordinators of the show make sure that every interested kid gets an opportunity to showcase her talent in front of the live audience. These are moments that children would cherish for a long time. Live cartoon characters greet every child in the park and play with them. The giant wheel, Marry-go-round and other rides are must to try for kids. You can see latest and unique rides in this park that you will not see in many European nations also.

The Egyptian Fatayer is one tasty delight for you to try in the fair. They sell variously flavored popcorns for the kids. Roasted corn, fruit juices, freshly baked muffins, sandwiches, and ice-creams will lure you away.

There are precious collections of Syrian furniture for you at the exhibition. Arabic classic utensils, clothes, jewelry, and accessories are on sale for the visitors.

Tickets Prices and Park Rules

The Park entry fee is 45AED, excluding the charges for Train rides, waterparks, and museum visit.

  • Entry for kids below the age of 2 years, and interestingly, for children below the height of 1.1 meters are open.
  • Of course, all visitors need to carry a valid identification ID with them, the ones that are acceptable in the United Arab Emirates.
  • The park authority only accepts cash payment for all featured entries and activities. So it is advisable to carry ample cash with you in AED currency to avoid any unfavorable

Opening Hours

The park timings are

  • 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM, from Sundays to Wednesdays;
  • 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM, from Thursday through Saturdays

Other Important Rules

The rules of Khalifa Park shall strictly follow as below:

  1. Parents shall accompany children of below the age of 13.
  2. Everyone enjoying the water rides should wear proper swimming costumes. The park authorities do not allow anyone to be in undergarments.
  3. Men need to wear t-shirts during the water sessions. Women need to wear shorts or leggings under their swimming costumes.
  4. Children need to wear waterproof diapers in their diaper ages. No regular diaper is allowed in the water. If you have not bought any of them along with you, you can quickly get one at the retail outlets operating beside the pool.
  5. In case you are carrying anything valuable, like, mobiles, camera, wallet or jewelry, you can hire lockers for rent and leave them there. Do not leave your valued possessions anywhere unattended. The authorities will not take charge of neglected goods or damage of personal items.
  6. Random clicking is not allowed during “Ladies Days,” which is on every Wednesday. On Ladies Days, no permission for Boys over the age of 10 years in the pool.
  7. Outside foods are not allowed take inside the park. There are complete arrangements for food and beverages inside the park. You can avail them for yourself and adhere to the park rules.
  8. Smoking or use of abusive language is strictly prohibited. The authority takes strict actions against you in case you get involved in any fights with the other guests or shopkeepers.
  9. In case the authority finds you violating any of these rules, they will just ask you to leave the premises at the earliest. In case of severe offenses, they will act against you categorically.

Train Ride

The joyous train ride is for the visitors to move from one corner of the other of the park. You will experience a musical journey with multiple stoppages. It is one of a kind entertainment for your family.

Maritime Museum

You can see the maritime museum at the main entrance of the Khalifa Park. The video projections of the foundation narrate you the story of the evolution of Abu Dhabi in a classroom set up. It tells about the sea and oceans of the UAE. There is another arrangement for experiencing the history of the city guided by a voice instructor. The rides are on individual cars. You can have a walk through the aquarium after the car ride.

Murjan Splash Park for Children of All Ages

In case you have missed the Yas Waterworld, Murjan Splash Park will make it up for you. There is a shallow pool with water rides for the kids to have all the water fun. Several fun rides will surely win your heart.

You can see amazing divers entertaining you at the pool. Ball jugglers showcase their talent with multiple balls to amuse you.

The Waterpark Features

  • The children’s water park is composed of 6 numbers of water-based fun activities.
  • There is ample supply of food inside the park, so you do not need to carry any outside food with you.
  • Visitors can use changing rooms to change into swimming costumes. You can get yourself proper and sophisticated swimwear, along with bath towels from the operating outlets.
  • The playground around the waterpark is for the kids to play. It is recommended to cooperate with them and allow them a free movement.
  • In case of any minor cut or hurt, immediately contact the first-aid providers.

Winding Up

In Conclusion, the visit to Khalifa Park and enjoying a love day is worth your money.  The Museum, Aquarium, and time-tunnel are fabulous attractions of this place. The recreational tunnel tour with pictures and sound will remain in your heart forever. The new Museum and the Aquarium is a fun leisure in the city. Also, the train ride and children’s splash pool are even going to lure you to spend more time in this place.

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