Plan your visit to Dubai

Dubai has vastly developed in the last few decades. It has grown to be a wealthy and modern city from a Middle-Eastern desert city. It has developed into a stunning and alluring city that has all the modern amenities in it. The creative engineering and architect of this city is worth a watch.

If you are planning to visit Dubai as a tourist or on a business visit, it is essential to understand the basics of the country. The country has distinguished characteristics, law and regulations. The weather also shows variations throughout the year. It is sunny and warm, sometimes hot, from the month of September to June. This is an ideal time for the tourists to visit. During the months of July and August, the weather here has a high level of humidity with the temperature reaching around 45⁰C.

However, a majority of the tourists do not find it a discomfort, because most of the tourist spots, shopping malls, hotels and transport facilities in the city are fully air-conditioned for comfort. In a nutshell, life in Dubai is a luxury. Holidaying in Dubai is a traveler’s dream. It offers all the grandeur and magnificence of your stay in the city. Its stress-free holiday guaranteed in Dubai. You get to see grand streets, busy lanes, huge skyscrapers, sunny golden desert and amazing city life all in one place.

Language Spoken In the City

The country uses both Arabic and English in all its presentations such as hotel menu cards, roads signs and shopping names. Thus, reading the notices will not be an issue for you. The tourist operators and guides speak good English and other languages such as German, Russian and French. You can find English speaking tour guides everywhere in Dubai. In case you need it for any specific language, TravelPlanDubai can arrange it for you at an extra payment.

Shopping In Dubai

Dubai is considered as the most valuable and fascinating shopping destination by the tourists and visitors from all over the world. While the glamorous shopping malls excite the visitors with the globally well-known designer names, the old souks that exist for decades offer specialized products.

The gold souks offer a range of exquisite diamond and gold jewelry. The souks that have been constructed recently in line with the ancient Arabian culture are Souk Al Bahar in Downtown Burj Khalifa, Khan Murjan at Wafi and Souk Madinat Jumeirah. Other souks include Spice Souk, Old Souk/Textile Souk, Perfume Souk, and Fruit & Vegetable Souk. The modern souks that stock a specific range of product offer the visitors the needed buying choices. The souks and other markets provide the visitors the experience of bargaining. Your guide from will enable you to make the best of bargains.

It’s an absolute pleasure to shop in Dubai. It’s actually a shopper’s paradise. There are so many unique products to collect from Dubai with low import duties.  Well, you have to know the art of bargaining skills to buy things at the best price from the local souks.

Duty-Free Shopping

All the airport terminals at Dubai International Airport offer duty-free shopping facilities both at the arrival and departure lounges. A good selection of Duty-free products displayed at the counters. The cost of the goods purchase may be paid using international credit cards or currency of any nation.

The Dubai duty-free shops also run lotteries and promotions offering fabulous prices in cash or kind.

The Legacy of the Country

The country, which follows Islam as a way of life, is very much cosmopolitan and liberal compared to other Arabic countries. However, the tourists are advised to respect the culture of the country and its religious sentiments, especially in their public dressing by covering their legs, arms, and shoulders. The swimming dress is permissible only in earmarked beaches and swimming pools.

Similarly, public consumption of alcohol and drinks is not permitted and can be consumed only in licensed restaurants and bars. Making nuisance and drinking in public shall attract harsher punishments. is willing to provide you the services of its tour plan professionals. They will help you to get through your Dubai visit plans and assist you in knowing the Dubai culture better. Call us or reach us now for more details.

Arriving Dubai – Know the Visa and Customs Clearance Rules

Tourists and business visitors depending on their nationality or country of living either should apply and have the visa beforehand on arrival or issued their permit on arrival. Except for transit visas, the other licenses are valid for 30 days from the date of entry stamping.

Dubai customs allow tourists and visitors to bring gift articles worth 3000 Dhs and a certain quantity of cigars, cigarettes, tobacco and alcoholic beverage. Items such as laptops, mobile phones, and cameras also can be brought in for exclusively personal use.

Tourists and visitors prohibited from bringing narcotic drugs such as opiates, cannabis, heroin, cocaine and any product derived using them. The country also banned gutkha, niswar, nuts, betel leaf qat leaf and poppy seeds (even in bakery products). Bringing any of the prohibited goods either purposely or unintentionally will result in long-term jail punishment in addition to stiff fines.

Dubai does not encourage the entry of items such as species of endangered animals, rhinoceros horn, ivory, weapon and ammunition, all things of Israeli origin, chemical and organic fertilizers, radar jammers, laser pens, gambling tools, fireworks, pornographic material, unauthorized communication devices and non-Islamic religious pamphlets. The country does not allow any product or material that degrades its original spiritual and moral values.

Arriving by Airplane

Dubai well connected to around 160 destinations of the world. The world-class Dubai International Airport receives approximately 30 million passengers a year. Over 110 airlines land at the airport and use its 1st and 2nd terminals. The 3rd terminal is exclusively for the Emirates Airlines.

Tourists and visitors arrive at the Dubai International Airport will undergo a pleasurable experience. The ever-willing airport staff will cater to the particular needs of the passengers. Passengers who look forward to quicker clearance may pay a small extra fee to use Marhaba service representative assistance to clear immigration, visa collection and passport control, baggage clearance and in the arrangement of transport.

Tourists and business travelers, with reservations in a Dubai hotel, are typically provided airport transfer facility by a representative of the hotel. Other passengers may use the transport facilities such as the Dubai taxi service available from outside the airport, the Red Line service of Dubai metro, RTA bus service or hire a car for use during their stay at Dubai.

Arriving by Car

Visitors with a valid international license from neighboring countries such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman can drive into Dubai by car. They must possess a valid entry visa, exit permit from the country they arrive and an adequate insurance for the vehicle.

The passengers arrive by car should not bring any of the mentioned prohibited items the country do not allow. Also, carrying alcohol into the country is not permitted when a visitor enters the state by road.

It will be a pleasure to travel by car over the well-maintained roads of Dubai to explore the country. Visitors are advised to have electronic Salik tag available at most of the petrol stations and load it with adequate credit to pay toll gates to use certain main roads. The road signs installed both in English and Arabic will help the visitors to explore the streets. Cars should be used right-hand side of the road.

Arriving by Boat or Ship

Tourists and business visitors can also enter Dubai by international cruise liners or private boats through the seaport. Depending on their nationality they must either have the visa before arrival or permitted entry. The new cruise terminal at Dubai is designed to accommodate around 120 cruise liners in a year and handle over 325000 passengers.

The country also provides week-long leisure cruise services as part of Indian Ocean, Gulf of Oman and Arabian Gulf from its Port Rashid Cruise terminal.

Climate of Dubai

Dubai located inside the Northern desert belt presents a typical desert climate. The country is humid, arid and extremely hot, where the average temperature goes beyond 40°C during the daytime and the night temperature averages around 30°C.

During the winter the daytime temperature hovers around 23°C and the night time temperature is approximately 14°C. The country enjoys sunny weather all through the year.

The country suffers from irregular rainfall, and it gets little rain during the months of December, January, February, and March. Dubai provides an enjoyable climate from December to March.

Reporting a Problem at the Airport

Dubai International Airport has separate counters to communicate the issues and emergencies. Claims for lost or delayed baggage can be informed and filed at the baggage services desk within the airport to get a unique identification number to follow up the status of the claim.

The report of theft or other problems can report to the uniformed police officers at the airport. All the claims and complaints are promptly handled by the officials. The city regulations are popular for quick solution proving to commoners.

Staying in Dubai

Tourists and business travelers to Dubai with a proper pre-planning will enjoy their stay in Dubai. The range of transport options, leisure facilities and the infrastructure of Dubai will provide a fascinating visit to the guests. We offer assistance in securing Budget Stay in Dubai with most excellent facilities. You can book our trips and write us for accommodation assistance. We guide our guests with accommodation that suits their budget and style.

Dining in Dubai

Food lovers from all over the world, consider Dubai as a destination to treat their taste buds. The city offers choicest varieties of food that is not confining to a single culture or nation. You will be amazed to find the range and variety of authentic flavors and food items from various countries. Your choice of food starts from the street side Shawarma sellers and ends at the high tech five-star hotel restaurants. Dining in Dubai is a luxury in itself.

The UAE, which was involved in trading with different nations for centuries, has taken the best from such countries and developed a range of its recipes. While, aromatic substances such as turmeric, saffron, and cinnamon carry their original flavor, the proper mixing of dried fruit, limes and nuts brings in subtle changes, to make the food to give a distinct taste of its own.

Our guides will assist you to reach the best places to taste the authentic UAE dishes. Such as,

  • Al Madrooba (salted fish in a thick, spicy sauce)
  • Al Majboos (made from boiling meat in spiced water with dried limes)
  • Al Harees (Meat and wheat slow-cooked in a clay pot and served with ghee).

Your meal will get completed with a sumptuous service of ‘UMM Ali’ a local desert pudding that comprises pistachios, dried fruit, cream, and bread.

If you are a coffee lover, then taste Kahwa, served black without sugar and flavored with saffron and cardamom along with dates to sweeten your taste buds.

A range of fresh juice varieties and cocktails with a mix of pineapple, pomegranate, banana and sweet mango that carry the local flavor will bring you a different experience.

Dubai Sightseeing

Every country in the world tries to attract the visitors and tourists from other parts of the world to capitalize on its tourism potential. Dubai, with visionary leadership, has understood its potential to attract tourists and entered into global tourism with its most innovative offerings.

The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing of Dubai government promotes Dubai as the worlds’ best tourism and commerce hub. Its efforts to showcase Dubai’s sandy beaches, mountains and virgin deserts yielded dividends. The country has made a good investment in constructing most modern structures. Some of its most daring and sophisticated structures attract tourists from all over the world.

Dubai Fountain: the largest orchestrated fountain in the world is present in Dubai. It is called the Dubai Fountain. This fountain is built on the beautiful Burj Khalifa Lake. It refreshes the mind and relaxes you to the core. The best attraction here is the musical water show. The fountain water syncs with the music and creates a beautiful pleasing ambiance. This is a must to see the attraction of Dubai.

Palm Island: Palm Island is an excellent creation of human engineering. It is an amazing architecture right in the middle of the ocean. The island looks literally like a palm leaf. That is how it has got its name also. The view of this island catches maximum crowd. It is considered to be one of costliest real estates all across the globe.

Dubai Miracle Garden: Dubai is famous for having the largest man-made garden in the world. The garden has more than 50, 000 flowers all the year round. This is a heavenly beauty that would certainly captivate you. The garden attracts a lot of crowd in every season. The place is nicely organized and has different exhibition sections. You can see some of the rarest flowers, shrubs, and herbs in this garden. There are guides to take you through the miracle garden and show you every corner of it.

Dubai Desert Safari: The most sought after and very popular tourist attraction in UAE is Desert Safari. organizes such Dubai desert safaris for its tourist clients regularly. Also, they offer Abu Dhabi Desert Safari. It arranges exciting driving through the desert dunes, comfortable stay in the desert after the sunset in well-organized camp sheds, followed by a grand night dinner. The enjoyable evening is complete with Arabian belly dancing and other charming attractions.

Dubai City Tours: The different types of Dubai City Tours arranged by showcases the tourists best tourist sites and landmarks such as Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai Museum,  the wind tower houses, the Heritage and Diving Village, Sheikh Saeed’s House, dhow-building yards, conventional gold and spice souks and the famous creek. It also arranges special tours to other emirates such as Abu Dhabi City Tour, Al Ain City Tour, Sharjah City Tour, and others.

For the tourists, who look for adventure and novelty, organizes aerial view tours of Dubai and its latest tourist attractions such as Palm Jumeirah, Burj Khalifa, and others by arranging hot air balloon, small sea airplanes, and helicopter tours. For the tourists and visitors who want to view the Dubai skyline away from the mainland, cruise tours would arrange by

Getting Around Dubai

Tourists and visitors will find it easy to navigate and go around Dubai. A range of public and private transport options will enable them to go around the city with ease. The Dubai public transport system managed by The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) covers all the essential tourist destinations around the city. The air-conditioned buses with electronic display allow a cheap transport option to the tourists.


The Dubai metro rail which operates in Greenline any Redline routes covers most of the places in the city. It crisscrosses through the town to travel with ease. The automatic driverless trains are a boon to visitors to get around the city. The water buses and Abras (traditional boats) take the tourists to visit the places that are close to and along the creek.

Taxis system in Dubai is fancied by the tourists to cover the places by road. Taxis cover all the areas that metro trains or water transport does not cover. The air-conditioned taxis offer comfort to the travelers. For female tourists separate pink taxis driven by female drivers are available. arranges guest tours using all modes of transport to give them a thrill of traveling in different transport facilities.

Dubai Shopping Malls

The shopping malls of Dubai have no parallels to compete with them in size as well as in the offered shopping experience. Other than hosting international brands and exclusive range of products, the malls such as Mall of Emirates provides ski slope, and Dubai malls make available ice rink and an aquarium with a host of sea animals. Joy rides and amusement centers in each mall will make the tourists enjoy every second of their stay. Visitors and tourists can use international credit cards and currencies to buy the products. The money exchangers available at all the malls will enable you to get the currency of your need. Dubai does not levy any tax on the goods sold in souks or malls. welcomes the arrival of tourists all through the year. It suggests the visitors, with an exclusive plan for big Dubai shopping, to visit Dubai during the Dubai shopping festival in January/February and Dubai Summer Surprises. While the Dubai Shopping Festival offers shopping variety, discount and bargains the Dubai Summer Surprises provide huge sales with the biggest deals. provides its clients with well-experienced guides to enjoy maximum bargains and best of sales during Dubai shopping.

Events and Promotions in Dubai

It will not be an overestimated statement if we call Dubai a place to host a maximum number of globally participating activities among all the world countries.

The sports events such as the Dubai horse race, Dubai world cup, the Dubai Tennis Championships, Emirates Rugby Sevens and the Dubai Desert Classic Golf tournament attracts sports lovers from all over the world.

The events such as Dubai Summer Surprises and Dubai Shopping Festival entertain the whole family. The cultural events such as Dubai Fashion Week, Dubai Film Festival and Dubai Jazz Festival draw more visitors who enjoy such activities.

Tourists also combine the activities such as International Book Fair at Sharjah, Formula 1 Grand Prix racing at Abu Dhabi and Air Show at Al Ain to visit Dubai. has well experience in organizing tours for visitors who arrive in Dubai to participate in such events. In addition to arranging travel and staying facilities for such tourists it also helps in organizing entry tickets to witness such events.

Relaxing in Dubai

For the tourists and visitors who seek ways of Relaxing in Dubai, Dubai offers a range of such facilities. The golf lovers all over the world assemble for the Dubai Desert Classic every year. The event conducted over lush green surroundings attracts big names such as Colin Montgomerie, Ernie Els, and the inimitable Tiger Woods.

Most of the five-star hotels in the city are equipped with spas to offer a variety of massage and steam bath facilities. Such offerings include Oriental Hammam treatment, Moroccan baths, authentic Thai massage and conventional Indian Ayurvedic treatments. All these procedures are the best ways to take a break and enjoy Leisure in Dubai.

The visitors, while relaxing in such facilities, will feel rejuvenated and recover from all the fatigue to return to their work, with its in-depth knowledge about such relaxing services and treatments, assist the visitors to avail such relaxation during their stay in Dubai.

Beach and Water Sports Lovers

Dubai caters to the beach and water sports lovers with its well-planned water sports, swimming pools, and beaches. Some of the hotels located close to coastlines provide private beach facilities for those who stay in the hotel as well as to others for a fee. By paying a small charge, the public can visit the Jumeirah and Al Mamzar beach parks. The open beaches such as Jumeirah accessible beach offers jogging tracks, cycle track, sunshades, and restrooms.

Please follow the advised dress code while visiting water sports and public swimming pools, Fishing, yachting and adventure water sports also are available for the tourists. will enable you to visit best of Dubai beaches and water sports facilities comfortably and assist you in your planning.


Dubai is one of the greatest cities to enjoy the best of nightlives. The grand hotels of the city host some of the biggest night entertainments. The city bars offer a great variety of fun and excitement. There are less expensive spots as well where you can enjoy your night at affordable expenses. Nightlife entertainments are separate for men and women in Dubai. They follow a strict discipline in this and arrange separate events for ladies and gents. Tuesdays and Sundays are mostly dominated by the ladies for their private parties. Thursdays and Saturdays are considered to be the most expensive days of the week to enjoy the nightlife.

Culture and Heritage Lovers

Dubai offers a glimpse of its recent but fascinating history to the visitors. You can learn about its old pearl diving and fishing at the Dubai Museum placed inside the Al Fahidi Fort. The old Bastakiya area enables the visitors to know the living in Dubai during the older times. Al Fahidi is one historical site that you should not miss paying a visit to. It has been transformed into the Dubai Museum and it showcases the real Arabian lifestyle. It narrates tales from the third millennium BC. You should also spare time to visit the Hatta Heritage Village in the Hajjar Mountains and watch the natural landscape and Arabic culture.

Ramadan, Dubai Shopping Festival, and Dubai Summer Surprises are special occasions to enable the tourists to understand the cultural heritage of the country.

The unique falconry displays, camel racing, and horse racing are some of the heritage events of the country. with a better understanding of Dubai’s heritage and culture will assist the tourists and visitors to wade through the history of Dubai and understand its legacy.

Emergency Services in Dubai

Dubai is well equipped to meet any type of emergency with an adequate number of hospitals and trained doctors. However, the tourists are advised to have enough travel insurance to cover the high cost of medical emergencies. Also, the tourists under regular medication are encouraged to bring a doctor’s prescriptions along with the medicines.

There are strict laws in regulation in the city related to medicines. While visiting Dubai you should first check the list of medicines not allowed in the city. Even some of the very conventional medicines are prohibited at Dubai. It’s advisable to collect a copy of permissible medicines from the Ministry of Health Drug Control Department and carry medicines accordingly. This document will help you to replace your prescribed medicines with permissible compositions.

Similarly, in case of accidents and other emergencies, the Dubai police act quickly to clear off the road and take the accident victim to the hospital. as your favored tourist operator assures you an emergency free and pleasing tour of Dubai.

Getting Medical Treatment in Dubai

Dubai has established an extensive network of medical centers and hospitals, all over the emirate, to provide excellent medical facilities to the visitors, residents, and citizens. The country has the branch presence of most of the well-known hospitals from all over the world. Similarly, world-renowned doctors of various disciplines either stay permanently in Dubai or make regular visits to attend to the patients.

Dubai is one of the few countries that protect the rights of the patients. The patients get their medical records with full details, the cost involved for a particular treatment, information on various diagnostic procedures and the information on the doctor selected to provide medical care. Except for medical conditions that require immediate medical attention, others are expected to have an appointment to meet the doctor.

The patients needing medical care are asked to provide proper identification to assist in their insurance claims. The health facilities at government hospitals are cheaper than those offered at private hospitals.

For medical emergencies, tourists and visitors are advised to call 999 that operates 24/7 or 800-DOCTOR to call the privately operated Lifeline Healthcare.

Dealing with Legal Issues in Dubai

Dubai has developed its indigenous legal system to deal with issues related to its citizens and tourists. The tourists and visitors must be aware of the following that are considered illegal when in the country.

  1. Public display of affection such as holding hands, kissing and hugging is strictly prohibited.
  2. Carrying medicines without original containers and prescriptions from a doctor is not permissible in Dubai. Essential drugs banned in UAE should support by proper documentation from a qualified specialist doctor or a hospital mentioning why such medication is vital. Adequate authentication from the local UAE embassy is crucial in some of the cases.
  3. Carrying of banned and illegal drugs even in minutest quantities knowingly or unknowingly within the country is forbidden. The presence of such drugs in urine or blood or even trace of such medications in your luggage, body or dress will lead to prosecution for possessing banned drugs.
  4. Though the tourists and visitors are permitted to drink alcoholic beverages at the hotel, any misbehaving or drunken driving will lead to arrest and severe punishment.
  5. Taking photographs of the UAE nationals especially women without permission and taking pictures of government buildings will lead to prosecution.
  6. Prostitution, adultery and Homosexual relationships banned within the country.
  7. Staying in the same room in a hotel with someone of the opposite sex who is not a close relation or with whom you are not married is not permitted.
  8. Wearing skimpy and revealing clothes in public places is banned.
  9. Using foul language in public is not allowed.

The courts in Dubai provide a government-appointed lawyer for those sentenced to life. Those face prison sentences from three to fifteen years may request the court to grant a lawyer if they cannot have one.

Contacting Dubai Government Officials

The government of Dubai follows an ‘open door’ policy. It uses modern communication methods such as websites and emails to be in touch with its people. The country allows even an ordinary citizen of the nation to reach anyone from the low-level government official to the king in the government system. The government call centers operate 24/7 to offer services to the customers. Helpdesk numbers are provided to get all the vital information.

All the nationals living in Dubai respect the Dubai police for its role model activities. The police force keeps the city free of crimes. Most of the emergency problems get redress by calling 999 and nonemergency problems by calling 901. The Al Ameen 800-4888 number of Dubai Police receives calls confidentially about reports on crime and security.

Departing Dubai

Most of the tourists will be reluctant to leave Dubai after enjoying a well-planned holiday in Dubai. Unless the visa period extends, the visitors are expected to move out of the country on or before its expiry.

A majority of the hotels and tourist services providers offer airport transfer facility to their clients. Others can reach the airport either by the taxi service, bus or Red Line or Green Line services of Dubai Metro. Read more about transport services in UAE

Tourists who stay at hotels need to plan their check out time correctly to avoid checkout delay and reach the airport in time. helps the tourists to plan their departure efficiently without any hitch. Please, you may review and book our Airport Transfer services.

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We have put forward all the essential information about this mighty city for you to prepare for your holiday. Apart from all these pieces of knowledge, we welcome all your queries in our comment section. Please write to us in our inbox to know in details about your Dubai city tour.

People of Dubai are known for their hospitality. We assure you a warm welcome and comfortable stay in the city. Our guides will be with you to brief you about the city’s history of evolution. They will narrate you on each site you visit. This would definitely enrich your visit to this glorious land. Our trips are well designed for people of all ages. Get in touch for more details.